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#Team Streetgreets

Established in early 2017, StreetGreets is the concept of Siobhan from London. After spotting a significant gap in the greetings card market, StreetGreets was created to celebrate Black-British popular culture and the language of now!

 Being unable to find cards that reflected her style and culture, Siobhan felt simply inspired to design her own, and with the help of her sister Naomi they have gone from strength to strength.


 At StreetGreets We believe that there’s still something special about receiving an actual card with a heartfelt relatable message and more importantly one that you can revisit over the years!

We are proud to be a Black Women led business, and we want you to know that Streetgreets is for EVERYONE who can relate!



colourful cards for the culture

We are here to CELEBRATE YOU! All Colours AL-WAYS!

We are here to Big you up and make you happy because representation matters.

We are here to provide you with unrivalled quality Greeting Cards and gifts.

We are here to have a positive impact on our communities and twist the narrative!

Siobhan & Naomi

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